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The Power of Allies (introductory talk)

What does it mean to be an ally? And why are allies so important for creating welcoming, inclusive workplaces?

This one-hour introductory talk provides an introduction to allyship and marginalisation. We start by discussing what it means to be an ally and why ally skills are such a powerful way to create systemic change, and we also share tips for becoming an ally.

Contact us to set one up for your workplace!

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Ally Skills Workshop (our flagship offering)

Do you want to help create a workplace that’s more fair and equal?

This workshop gives you an opportunity to develop your own ally skills as you practice identifying and responding to marginalisation. We teach how you can be an ally for targets of marginalisation including women, people of colour, LGBTQIA folks, caregivers, people with disabilities, those with experience of mental illness, people of different ages and body sizes, and others.

After a brief introduction to marginalisation, the bulk of this three-hour workshop is spent in small groups discussing real-world scenarios and ways to respond. At the end of this workshop, past participants reported feeling more confident in identifying marginalisation and taking action as an ally. To learn more and arrange a workshop, please contact us:

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This is a practical, well-facilitated workshop that improves awareness and equips you with confidence to take action.
— Levi Allan, Director of Practice Products at Xero

Diversity & Inclusion Audit

Do you want to take action on diversity and inclusion but you’re not sure where to start?

We use a data-driven approach to help you understand how your teams are working together today. We then work with you to celebrate successes, identify areas for improvement, and design new systems that are more fair and equitable. Contact us to learn more:


Custom Consulting & Coaching

Do you want to set up organisational structures that minimise bias? Do you have other questions about creating a more diverse and inclusive culture?

Our approach focuses on setting up systems that bring out the best in people by minimising bias and encouraging inclusion.

If you have a question that’s not addressed here, we’re happy to have a chat to see if we can help or, if not, refer you to others who do great work. Get in touch for more: